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Republicans are listening… The Dems should pay attention too…


Trey Radel is possibly the future of the Republican party. He is a conservative Congressman from Florida who is under 40 and therefore able to still able to evolve a bit with respect to his political stances.  He has the capacity to connect to a younger generation of voters. He’s a good looking guy and has no problem being appropriately aggressive with liberal reporters and has been an advocate of bipartisanship to get things done in Washington.  Congressman Radel is more comfortable with playful appropriate confrontation in the media in a cool frat boy sort of way and he’s only been in office all of 3 months. While he did engage in some questionable decision making during his run for office, he managed to pull through all of that and maintain the support of his party and obtain a respective majority of the vote. These are the things that most parties look for in future leaders and candidate, one either is or isn’t “that”.  Congressman Radel appears to be “that”.

Radel is the type of politician that Democrats need to watch. Careful. He is likable and unlike Marco Rubio, he seems more sincere when making quips about Lil’ Wayne and other mainstream musicians. Radel seems as comfortable talking to people of color as much as he does with his base constituency. He also is an early supporter of former Governor Jeb Bush for President in 2016 and Bush appreciates the support. This is significant because Bush has been clear in several recent speeches that if Republicans keeps losing presidential elections, the Republican agenda will be lost. He’s right. Neither men are interested in the fringe groups of the party, they are cultivating a new Republican identity. They will hold true to their conservative roots while playing moderate and center…

The Democrats should be mindful of this and respond accordingly. We do not have the next Obama in the Democratic party. And Democrats are pining their hopes on the current leadership – Hillary Clinton in 2016, but if she isn’t willing, who do the Dems have?  The Republicans took their whupping and now, they are retooling. The Democrats should pay attention, and plan accordingly.


If there is anyone in the world that I believe has a credible opinion of Susan Rice…. It’s Madeline Albright.  Rice is a former classmate of Albright’s children and Albright has had the opportunity to interact with Rice since she was 4 years old.  That (to me) actually gives Albright a fuller and more comprehensive notion of the type of person Rice may be. So when Albright declares the situation as “ridiculous“, then it goes without saying that it’s possible that it is ridiculous.

I have heard in personal conversation and in multiple articles that Susan Rice is blunt and has sharp elbows. Well, yes, she may. But it’s not like Condoleezza Rice was necessarily the most beloved or diplomatic diplomat in the world.  And its not like she did not speak out of turn regarding the existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s); after all, she was given intelligence information and testified that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had WMD’s.  This is what led to the Iraq war.  And in spite of this major misstep, Condi Rice still became the Secretary of State.  It is worth noting that the two men (Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham) who went after Susan Rice with incredible hostility defended Condi Rice for the very same actions.

So what does that tell us?

Like her, hate her, or feel ambivalent about her, the reality is that Susan Rice was thrown under the bus and the witch hunt was led by Senators Graham and McCain.  To her credit, Rice withdrew her name understanding the politics of this situation.  Rather than play politics and be forced to fight for a position that many thought she was qualified for, Rice opted to remove herself from the distractions.

For that I respect her.

As for Senators McCain and Graham, they will soon find themselves not relevant in politics. They have both damaged their credibility and hurt their party.  This will also hurt Obama, though less so.

On November 27th when this issue first began bubbling I tweeted that the GOP wanted Kerry to replace Clinton as Secretary of State in order to get a second shot at the Mass Senate Seat for Scott Brown (they believe in spite of losing to Elizabeth Warren, he can win it). The GOP also will want a republican to take Patreaus’ place as head of the CIA (Hagel’s name is now being floated)…  This is now being discussed on news channels.

While all of this political chess playing could then help Obama regarding the

 fiscal cliff discussions and may give the GOP a temporary win in the present, the party engaged in a witch hunt and the gamble will not pay off in the long run.

The GOP has suffered significantly since their November election losses.  This does nothing to aid them in repairing their party’s public perception.  And so they will keep losing. (Since I’ve written this, it seems that an independent report cited the State Department for being grossly negligent with providing security in Libya…  so how does Rice own that?)

The Susan Rice Witch hunt … And why it only hurts the GOP

The dirty “F” word – Feminism


So, when did the “F” word (Feminist) become bad? And why? I was reading a very interesting piece at Salon about female “celebrities” increasingly denouncing any claim to being feminist.  This has been an increasingly discussed topic for a number of reasons.  First, when someone like Katie Perry claims female empowerment but denounces the label of feminist, it carries weight with young girls across the globe.  The message is to not be labeled feminist.

But here’s the rub.  By its own definition, that IS what feminism is.  So either Katie Perry is setting a clear example of public ignorance or she has no clue about what feminism is (which is the same thing and thus is she proven to be ignorant).  Feminism, according to Merriam-Webster is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” or “organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests”.   So the Spice Girls were feminist, Madonna is a feminist,  P!nk (who is THE absolute coolest feminist to my mind) is a feminist… ANY human being who believes in equality between the genders and female empowerment IS a feminist.

There can be no argument that the work of the women’s suffrage movement, Gloria Steinem, Ntozake Shange, Madonna, Hillary Clinton, and many others broke the barriers that has allowed these idiots to cast off the title of feminism as though its a dirty word.  But the reality is that these women who are in their 20’s, famous, and role models, now, more than ever need to embrace the strengths and empowerment of this mind set because of their influence.  And because, at it’s core, women need to be reminded of how much it took for us to get where we are.  The old Virginia Slims commercials had a tag line “You’ve come a long way, baby.” (Yes, I am dating myself, so what!)  And this tag line spoke to many of us who felt strong and empowered enough to kill ourselves slowly on cancer sticks.  But more importantly, it reminded us, that through it all, adolescence, adulthood, motherhood… we come from a sisterhood and that sisterhood has come at a price.  We have to accept a collective history of rising from inequalities to empowerment, from social pariahs to independent women (thank you Destiny’s Child).

Why we would choose to dismiss feminism and the title of feminist as a relic of the past when we have many other barriers to our progress ahead is ignorant and borders on mental dysfunction.  We have to know our collective past to be on the correct future path.  We must not ever take for granted that every time we vote, go to work, and choose to be a single mother meant that someone fought for and in some cases died for our collective right to do so.  Some also fought and died for our collective rights to do whatever the hell we wanted to our bodies, whether it was establishing safe ways to ensure termination of unwanted pregnancies, dress as we wished without ridicule or judgment, and speak out against the many abuses our sisters still suffer in African and Middle Eastern countries.

Fuck that, I am a 40 year old FEMINIST of Caribbean descent living right here in Brooklyn.  I want my 10 year old to be a feminist or whatever she wants to be  as a result of my struggles and those that came before me.  Just as long she as she understands her history and avoids being as ignorant as a Katie Perry or Carla Bruni-Sarkozy or any female that has decided being so is somehow negative.  You have the right to say you aren’t a feminist, but DO NOT stand on the side lines and pronounce that you aren’t a feminist but yet you believe in the very principles feminism extols.  What is that?

Now, it is worth noting that feminism in 2012 is not what it was in 1960, 1970, 1980, or what came out in the ’90’s.  But we evolve based on the situation and conditions we face in our society.  Why do you think there was an uproar over Rush Limbaugh’s dumb comment about Sandra Fluke?  That was feminism people.  A bully of a man trying to intimidate a woman through words and actions and not applying the same standard to himself.

I own my past, my sisterhood, my strengths, and I rise up to advocate as a woman, an empowered woman.  I don’t smoke Virginia Slims (anymore) but I have come a long way, baby.