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Why Britain Left the EU… Really.


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. The way life happened, I just needed to take a break, from writing, social media, life, and just focus. I’m back, so thanks for sticking around, I have a ton of opinions… and love bantering.

So, I’ve been asked my thoughts on Britain leaving the EU. Why would Britain risk a self-imposed recession to leave the EU without a real transition plan in place? Why would those in favor of leaving the EU chant “Take Britain back!”?

Bear in mind, the countries that comprise of Britain are Scotland (which has voted to remain in the EU), England, Wales, and Northern Ireland… so in this regard, we are actually really talking about England but I’ll say British cause that’s what the media is going with – cool?

Between 1990 and 2015, Britain’s population has grown by 8 million, in a country that is roughly the size of Manhattan proper; that’s 57M to 65M people in 15 years – that’s a lot. This growth came about in part because of Britain’s participation in the EU which opened up immigration from other European countries… therefore the growth of the population was driving by immigration, not British people shagging more and having babies – the growth in of itself was not viewed as benefiting British-born folks. Why is that important? Because migration stresses services like schools, housing, hospitals, and other public subsidies. And wealthy migrants were able to outbid British citizens seeking property – so they were essentially seen as “taking England away”. In turn, more than 200,000 British born people have left the UK, often migrating to Australia and the U.S. (wonder if we in the U.S should be equally welcoming… just a question – I like my British folk) The fact is, an open global economy implies a mass migration of people… some might argue its required (I don’t necessarily agree, just providing context).

This vote represents a rebellion of sorts, similar to what America is seeing with Trump’s “Make America Great” rhetoric. Funny coincidence given the history between the two countries. Not something to be ignored in my opinion. So, my thoughts? An open global economy can be a great thing but we have to be willing to deal with, and address the migration impacts and ultimately the racism and discrimination that countries will experience as a result – in the case of the countries that are part of the EU, the migration groups tend to be Middle Eastern and North African people. This vote that was cast in England was about immigration policies and race. And the fact is that England is willing to create a level of economic instability for itself in order to stop folks from coming into their country… So, what do I think about it? I don’t, its just more of the same. Good luck England… Go save the Queen and all of that jazz.